Offshore Companies with International

Tax Advice 

Offshore solutions and companies to protect assets maximize profits, invest abroad and facilitating international trade.

The offshore companies also offer solutions on taxation, privacy and regulation matters, but each jurisdiction has its advantages and disadvantages. To choose the appropriate solution can be a complex task, so our consultants can provide you the most desirable solution, through their knowledge, experience and after they know your needs.

Generally, the use of offshore companies and offshore planning is by the desire to: 

  • To save and reduce taxes
  • To protect assets and heritage
  • To operate entrepreneurially even if insolvency
  • To reduce costs
  • To manage risk
  • To maintain the privacy
  • Avoid bureaucracy and regulation

The principal uses of offshore companies are:

  •  International Trade
  • Investments
  • Tax Planning
  • Financial
  • Corporate Services
  • Consulting
  • Benefits on intellectual property and industrial property
  • Management and ownership of boats and planes

 ¡With Bank Account!

For many years we have assisted our clients in establishing and managing international and offshore bank accounts. We have also developed a useful experience in identifying and working with international banks and offshore banks that are adjusted to the needs of our customers.

A significant percentage of offshore companies and foundations (that we manage) have bank accounts in offshore and international banks, rather than using domestic banks for a number of reasons, including confidentiality and experience in international operations.

We have specialized knowledge and large experience in the changing requirements for opening and maintaining a bank account in a wide variety of countries. However, it should be noted that the opening of an international bank account is not a simple process and can be slower than expected.


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